Viiv Healthcare Continues to Fight Mother-to-Child transmission of HIV With New Grants

ViiV Healthcare is a pharmaceutical company that specializes in developing therapies for HIV. The company was established when GlaxoSmithKline and Pfizer jettisoned their respective HIV assets. Japanese pharmaceutical company Shionogi joined ViiV in 2012.

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ViiV created the Positive Action Children Fund (PACF) in 2009, committing £50 million over 10 years toward the prevention of mother-to-child transmission of HIV. The company’s 2015 HIV/AIDS commitment of £5 million is dedicated solely to ViiVs PACF 103 partners.

PACF addresses a wide range of issues relating to mother-to-child HIV transmission, including advocacy for improved HIV/AIDS education and access to health services for women and girls and HIV testing for infants.

ViiV announced 54 grants and 49 grant extensions to new and existing PACF partners. Around half of the 103 total organizations receiving grants are new to PACF, which has allowed the company to expand its global reach to include countries such as Togo, Angola, and Columbia.

Overall, this latest round of grants will allow ViiV to increase its support to over 25 additional countries that were previously under-funded or unsupported in addressing mother-to-child HIV transmission.

The majority of organizations receiving checks from this round of ViiV funding are community-based, focusing on small-scale projects in rural and underserved communities. The grants will support capacity building efforts, mentorships, sustaining existing HIV/AIDS programming, treatment services, and antenatal care.  

ViiV and its PACF partners are working together toward the Global Plan’s 2015 targets of reducing the number new HIV infections in children by 90 percent and decreasing the number of pregnancy-related deaths of HIV positive women by 50 percent.

Since launching PACF, ViiV has committed over £20 million toward the prevention of mother-to-child HIV transmission in a number of countries, with a heavy focus on African nations including Nigeria, Ethiopia, Kenya, the DRC, Mozambique and Zimbabwe.