Hewlett Loves This German SRHR Outfit. Take a Look

Deutsche Stiftung Weltbevoelkerung, better known stateside as the German Foundation for World Population, or more simply, DSW, has some big funding partners in its pocket. The international development and advocacy organization concentrates its core efforts on sexual and reproductive health rights (SRHR). Traditionally, DSW has worked with the German government and EU in its SRHR advocacy works, but it has also operated satellite offices in East African nations. As a matter of fact, East Africa is the area of focus for the Hewlett Foundation’s latest grants to DSW.

Hewlett recently awarded DSW two grants totaling $1 million. The larger of the two is a three-year, $700,000 grant for general operating support and the other is a three-year, $300,000 grant to help DSW strengthen its SRHR advocacy work in Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania.

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The $300,000 grant will work within the core principals of DSWs SRHR advocacy, focusing on improved access to SRHR programs in the three East African nations. First, DSW will make sure that all of its programs are adequately funded. Then it will get together with local NGOs to strengthen and build the capacity of their SRHR work in local communities. Finally, DSW will engage local communities and policymakers to help determine budget and policy processes in SRHR.

The larger $700,000 grant will, among other things, be used to help DSW build its capacity with other partner organizations while continuing to support the organization's SRHR advocacy strategies.

The Hewlett Foundation has supported DSW since at least 2000. Over that period, the foundation has made over $6 million in grants to the organization. And you can see why. DSW's mission is creating universal access to sexual and reproductive health, with an eye toward the broader goal of combating poverty, and this aligns with Hewlett’s Expanding Choices Initiative, a subprogram of its larger, Global Development and Population grantmaking program. The initiative focuses its efforts on women’s reproductive rights in sub-Saharan Africa.

Hewlett isn’t the biggest funder that has supported DSW. Over the years, this SRHR outfit has received higher funding from the Gates Foundation. Gates has been a major supporter of DSW since the late 1990s, awarding it over $22 million in grants to date.