Autism Science Foundation: Grants for Brain Research and Treatment

OVERVIEW: This funder supports autism researchers and organizations in the pre- and post-doctoral training and early career stages. It prioritizes research into genetics, treatment, public education, early diagnosis and early intervention.

IP TAKE: Much of ASF’s funding supports students and fellowships, but the foundation also has a treatment grants program, which funds human clinical trials and trials for medication, vocational training and behavioral interventions.

PROFILE: Founded in 2009, the Autism Science Foundation’s mission is to “support autism research by providing funding and other assistance to scientists and organizations conducting, facilitating, publicizing and disseminating autism research.” In the foundation’s first five years, ASF committed nearly $2 million to autism research, and funding levels are increasing every year. It typically supports young investigators in pre- and post-doctoral training and early career researchers. Its funding generally prioritizes research into the genetics behind autism and triggers, treatments to enhance the quality of life of autistic children and adults, early diagnosis and intervention, and dissemination of research to inform parents and the public about developments.

ASF’s Research Accelerator Grants aim to “expand the scope, speed the progress or increase the efficiency and improve final product dissemination of active autism research grants.” These modest, $5000 grants are intended to “enhance, expand and enrich grants currently funded by other sources.” ASFs Pre-and Postdoctoral Fellowships are one-year awards for researchers training for basic or clinical research. Proposed projects “should be scientifically linked to autism but may be broadened to include training in a closely related area of scientific research.” Finally, ASF’s Undergraduate Summer Research Grant sponsors highly motivated students to attend eight weeks of summer research at an autism lab at an esteemed institution.

Grantseekers may review the foundations Past Grants for more information on the types of research ASF is likely to support.

The Research Accelerator Grants offer two grant cycles per year, with deadlines generally falling in October and April, while the graduate and undergraduate awards have one per year with deadlines in December and February respectively. Applicants may submit their initial proposals by email. Visit the relevant grant page for the Request for Applications and specific guidelines.


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