The Broach Foundation for Brain Cancer Research: Grants for Brain Research & Treatment

OVERVIEW: This funder supports clinics and doctors working on promising brain cancer research to find treatments and a cure. Unsolicited grant applications are not accepted.

IP TAKE: There are some great opportunities here for researchers affiliated with the MD Anderson Cancer Center. The Broach Foundation is based in Houston, and much of the support stays local.

PROFILE: The Broach Foundation for Brain Cancer Research is based in Houston, Texas. Its sole mission is to promote funding for brain cancer research to find effective treatments and ultimately a cure. The foundation is named after James Broach, who was diagnosed with brain cancer in 2011. James and his wife joined the fight against this devastating disease and established the foundation with an executive board to raise funds and support research. James passed away in 2013 from his brain cancer.

This funder welcomes donations and hosts an annual gala, with all proceeds going toward grants. Research clinics and doctors who are conducting promising research in this field typically receive Broach grants. At the time this profile was written, the foundation had committed over $1.5 million to brain cancer research.

You can learn about past Broach grantees on the Grants page of the foundation website. For example, one past grantee is Dr. Frederick Lang, the director of clinical research in the Department of Neurosurgery at the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center. Dr. Lang collaborated with the institution’s neuro-oncology, pathology, blood and marrow transplant, and oncology departments to develop biological therapies. His research used new technologies to kill brain cancer with a “new class of anticancer therapies that include viruses, stem cells, exosomes, and microRNA.”

Broach also funds a scholarship program for students, typically at the Ph.D. level of their research. Past grantees have been affiliated with the MD Brain Cancer Special Program for Research Excellence and researching the fields of RNA-binding protein and mitochondrial PGK1.

Unfortunately for grantseekers, the Broach Foundation is not open to unsolicited letters of inquiry, and the grant application process is by invitation only. To ask general questions, reach out to the foundation at 832-606-2574 or You can also check the foundation’s News section for updates. There are nine members on the foundation’s executive board and 15 members on the advisory board.


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