Tembo Preserve Foundation

OVERVIEW:  The Tembo Preserve Foundation was formed with the goal to establish a permanent, one-of-a-kind sanctuary for retired zoo elephants in Northern California.

IP TAKE: The foundation keeps a low public profile, which limits information available on its grantmaking priorities and activities.

PROFILE: Founded in 2013, Tembo Preserve Foundation was established by venture capitalist Roger McNamee and his wife Ann. The Tembo Preserve Foundation is "committed to the conservation of African elephants in the wild. Tembo Preserve is dedicated to creating an elephant preserve in Northern California that provides a natural and engaging environment for elephants as well as inspires appreciation, supports research and develops innovative methods for supporting conservation." 

The foundation's animal and wildlife conservation efforts center almost entirely on elephants, their habitat, research, diet, and well-being. A team of elephant care experts from the Oakland Zoo manage the preserve and care for the elephants in a campus that "includes eight square miles of open range land, ponds, hills, and state-of-the-art elephant shelters, supported by veterinary and research facilities." When finished, it's hoped that the preserve will benefit Tehama County and provide educational experiences for local students.

Tembo has also partnered with places like Amboseli Trust for Elephants (ATE) and Utopia Scientific, a "non-profit organization with a primary mission to promote an awareness of the importance of science, public health and conservation through research, education and community development."

In a recent tax year, the foundation gave away around $155,000. Given the foundation's lack of transparency, it is unlikely that it accepts unsolicited applications or LOIS.



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