Bernice Barbour Foundation: Grants for Animals and Wildlife

OVERVIEW: The Bernice Barbour Foundation is a small- to medium-sized organization that generally offers modest assistance to many groups each year that perform hands-on work with animals. Funding priorities include animal health and welfare, wildlife rehabilitation, and veterinary medical research.

IP TAKE: The Bernice Barbour Foundation supports a variety of grantmaking interests. It also funds several grantees for multiple grant cycles; however, new organizations secure funding each year as well. There is at least one non-negotiable in order to get awarded a grant: your program must include mandatory spay/neuter in any adoption efforts.

PROFILE: In 1986, Bernice Barbour established the Bernice Barbour Foundation to carry on her animal-welfare work. The foundation gives grants every year to animal shelters, veterinary research institutes, animal-rescue groups, and other outfits engaged in hands-on animal welfare work. 

The foundation makes its grants available to organizations across the United States. Although it is not explicitly stated on their website, the foundation predominately focuses on groups working with domestic animals, including animal-rescue operations and local chapters of the Humane Society and American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. A second, smaller share of grants supports wildlife-rehabilitation programs and wildlife sanctuaries.

While most of Bernice Barbour’s grants are on the smaller side, typically a few thousand dollars, the foundation offers a handful of larger grants, which are dedicated to research intended to improve the lives of animals. 

Grant seekers are welcome to apply at any time throughout the year as proposals are unsolicited. Furthermore, the foundation enjoys fostering close relationships with their grantees, and grant seekers are often approved for second or third grants in following years.


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