Ecolab Foundation: Grants for Animals and Wildlife

OVERVIEW: Ecolab Foundation, the philanthropic arm of its corporate namesake, gives to a broad swath of programs and interests, including conservation. Non-wild animal welfare is a very small interest, but the foundation occasionally funds small projects.

IP TAKE: Ecolab Foundation supports organizations that promote animal and wildlife safety and preservation. The foundation is particularly keen on programs that have a community education component. In order to qualify for a grant, your program must serve in an Ecolab region.

PROFILE: Ecolab Foundation was established in 1986 by its corporate namesake, a company that describes itself as a “global leader in water, hygiene and energy technologies and services.” The foundation’s overall giving is approaching the $71 million mark, with a focus on “educational, cultural, environmental, and community development programs that are good for business and good for society.”

Ecolab Foundation’s commitment to animals and wildlife falls under the foundation's Community Grants pot, and more specifically, the foundation's focus on Environment & Conservation (one of four focus areas for the foundation). The foundation is particularly interested in supporting "hands-on environmental learning programs."

So pitch your animal or wildlife support organization as hands-on and educational. Also make sure you're mindful of community: Your nonprofit program needs to be based in and/or affect either the St. Paul, Minnesota area (where Ecolab is headquartered) or in one of the corporation’s 15 regional communities located throughout the U.S.

Recent grantees include Dodge Nature Center (St. Paul, MN); Eagle Bluff Environmental Learning Center (Lanesboro, MN); Deep Portage Conservation Reserve; and the National Wild Turkey Federation (Edgefield, SC).

Ecolab Foundation also supports organizations protecting domesticated animals. Support in this realm includes a grant to Animals Deserving Of Proper Treatement (Naperville, IL), and grants to a number of Humane Society chapters (ranging $200 to $10,000), among others.