Pedigree Foundation: Grants for Animals and Wildlife

OVERVIEW: The Pedigree Foundation is dedicated to helping make dogs more adoptable so they can find homes. It is incredibly inclusive in its grant making, which means that many of the applicants that apply for a grant and meet the guidelines typically receive some type of assistance.

IP TAKE: The Pedigree Foundation conducts an array of grantmaking to benefit animal welfare; however, grants tend to be smaller. 

PROFILE: Founded in 2007 by Pedigree brand dog foods, the Pedigree Foundation was established to reduce the number of dogs living in shelters by helping make them more adoptable and decreasing the number of owner surrenders each year. It awards grants to numerous types of dog-centric programs, including behavioral training; “matching” training, which helps shelter workers match dogs with potential owners on the basis of personality and behavioral traits; dog transport programs; and upgrades to shelter facilities.

Pedigree awards animal welfare grants through three distinct grant programs: Innovation, Operation, and Program Development Grants. Innovation Grants are larger, one-time grants between $10,000 and $25,000 awarded to organizations with visionary approaches to finding proper homes for dogs and reducing the surrender of dogs to shelters. Only a handful of them are given out each year. Past grantees include the Humane Society of Sedona, the Nashville Humane Association, and the SPCA of Monterey County, to whom Pedigree gave an award for its "Take the Lead" program, which pairs shelter dogs that need behavioral training with at-risk youth in an effort to provide both with important life skills.

Operation Grants support several hundred organizations each year and are rather broad in their scope, supplying a limited amount of funding for nearly any type of general operating expense. These grants are not awarded on a basis of merit, and nearly any group who falls within the guidelines is likely to receive funding. Money is divided evenly among all applicants, so the amount a group is likely to receive will depend on the number of organizations applying and the resources available to the foundation in a given year. Previous grantees include the humane societies of Berkeley-East Bay and Central Illinois. 

The Pedigree Foundation offers grantseekers to stay informed by subscribing to its newsletter. It does not provide information on whether it accepts unsolicited applications or LOIs. 


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