Tosa Foundation: Grants for Animals and Wildlife

OVERVIEW: The TOSA Foundation takes a broad approach to philanthropy and invests in a variety of causes, which include animal welfare and conservation. However, it prioritizes education and higher education grantmaking. Animal giving focused on animal shelters, endangered species restoration and aquariums and zoos has been rising.

IP TAKE: The foundation prioritizes conservation over animal welfare. While animal welfare grants are available, they are small to modest. Unfortunately, Tosa appears to maintain a low public profile. As such, little further information is available on its grantmaking. 

PROFILE: John and Tashia Morgridge founded the TOSA Foundation in 1992 in order to support community growth in their home state of Wisconsin. Now a California-based operation, TOSA has expanded its giving to causes across the United States and around the globe. Well endowed, it gives tens of millions of dollars in grants each year. Education receives the most grantmaking; however, the foundation also invests in conservation and the environment, for which it gives roughly 26 percent of its grant funding. A small portion of environment-focused funding supports animals and wildlife.

Without a website, little information is available regarding Tosa's animal-related spending. However, tax filings reveal grants are small, generally less than $10,000. While the Morgridges have been known to prioritize Wisconsin and, to a lesser extent, California, this is by no means an absolute—at least not when it comes to the animals. Past grantees include several Humane Society chapters, and a handful of large national wildlife groups such as the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation, the World Wildlife Fund, and one grantee is situated in New Hampshire: the Loon Preservation Committee. International giving has also supported the African Wildlife Foundation, which has an office in the States but a home base in Kenya, is one of these.

The Morgridges do not publicize their email addresses and that they only give to pre-selected organizations. Applicants are advised to write them via their snail mail address: 3130 Alpine Road, PMB 705, Ste. 288, Portola Valley, California, 94028. Or applicants may call them: (650) 851-6922.


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