T.S. and K.D. Glide Foundation: Grants for Animals and Wildlife

OVERVIEW: The T.S. and K.D. Glide Foundation invests in animal welfare organizations predominately located in California. It also funds habitat preservation and the rehabilitation of wild animals. 

IP TAKE: The foundation prioritizes supporting Californian organizations or those who operate there. Although several grantees receive support for multiple years, the foundation gives about 100 grants in a given year. It supports both national and local organizations, but prioritizes local and grassroots organizations.

PROFILE: Established in 1995, the T.S. and K.D. Glide Foundation is one of the larger private charities dedicated to animal welfare in the United States. It was established by husband and wife Thornton S. Glide Jr. and Katrina Dangberg Glide shortly before their respective deaths. Although it does not have a specific mission, it maintains a broad approach to grantmaking. It invests in animals and wildlife with a particular emphasis on horses. 

While the foundation does not name specific grantmaking interests, it has supported animal shelters, wildlife rehabilitation facilities, and other organizations involved in various aspects of animal welfare. It also operates a "Horse Retirement Program" through the foundation's ranch, which provides "a loving and caring home for horses with age-related disabilities or injuries." 

Grants range from $3,000 to about $10,000. Applications are due August 15th. The foundation spreads its funding around and supports about 100 or more individual candidates in a given year. Past grantees include the Barry R. Kirshner Wildlife Foundation, Berkeley East Bay Humane Society, and the Pet Care Foundation among many others. The foundation offers capital-improvement projects. In order to receive funding, grantees most demonstrate that they have been operating for at least two years. 


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