Walt Disney Company: Grants for Animals & Wildlife

OVERVIEW: The Disney Conservation Fund supports the study of wildlife; the protection of habitats; community education; and conservation. It predominately supports conservation organizations that seek to have long-term impacts on wildlife and habitats. Disney also supports a variety of environmental grants that relate to habitat and animal conservation. Applications for grants are accepted by invitation only. 

IP TAKE: Disney supports a range of organization, both small and large. Small and grassroots organizations should not be deterred. Disney considers inquiries, and provides grants all over the world for wildlife conservation.

PROFILE: Walt Disney believed it was humanity's duty to preserve the earth's natural resources. Indeed, the company continues to cite the environment as a heavy priority through its corporate citizenship program. In fact, Disney considers conserving nature as one of its four corporate responsibility priorities, while it also dedicates one of six ethical business commitments to environmental stewardship

On Earth Day in 1995, Disney established the Disney Worldwide Conservation Fund. The fund makes annual grants in medium-sized amounts, about $25,000 a year, meaning there are quite a few grantees. Funding for the program is derived from a mix of company cash, and proceeds from guests and revenue from Disney’s nature-related theme parks and films. While much of Disney's DWCF support is focused on wildlife, its grants have supported lions, elephants, grizzly bears, birds, bats, dolphins, and even armadillos. In the past, Disney offered the Wildlife Conservation Society funding to study the reintroduction of alligators in China, including assessing habitats and conflict with humans. Disney also supported the African People & Wildlife Fund's conservation efforts addressing Tanzania’s threatened African lion population. The group works with communities to manage the lions in relation to livestock, and to protect lion habitats. 

Fortunately for small and mid-sized organizations, Disney supports a range of projects, including grassroots groups and universities. Grants range from a few hundred dollars to a small handful of grants in the tens of thousands. Disney accepts inquiries on annual funding cycles.


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