Emerson Collective: Grants for Conservation

OVERVEW: The Emerson Collective supports organizations working in the fields of education, immigration reform, the environment, health and social justice.

IP TAKE: This is not one of the most accessible funders; however, it is flexible and applies broad-based approaches to its grantmaking.

PROFILE: Founded in 2004 by Laurene Powell Jobs, the Emerson Collective differs from other grantmaking organizations in that it is a Limited Liability Corporation (LLC) rather than a traditional nonprofit organization or 501(c)3. The collective is “[d]edicated to removing barriers of opportunity so people can live to their full potential.” Grantmaking priorities include Immigration, Education, Elemental, XQ: The Super School Project, Chicago CRED, Social Justice, Media & Journalism and Health.

Emerson’s Elemental program supports organizations that “[e]nvision a world where humanity and nature live in healthy harmony” and applies “[d]ifferentiated solutions to the high value problems that confront both humanity and nature.” The foundation further breaks down its grantmaking into subprograms that all address conservation: Humanity, Earth, Air, Fire and Water.

Since the Emerson Collective is an LLC rather than a 501(c)3, it is not required to publicly disclose its financial activities, including grant award amounts. Emerson does not accept unsolicited request for funding or submissions of any related materials such as proposals or literary compositions.


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