Michelin Corporate Foundation: Grants for Environmental Conservation

OVERVIEW: The Michelin Corporate Foundation appreciates a range of environmental conservation projects and organizations. As a result, it does not limit itself to any one area of conservation funding.

IP TAKE: The foundation supports projects where Michelin has a business and employee presence. Since it’s corporate sister is international, the foundation promotes work globally.

PROFILE: Established in 2014, the Michelin Corporate Foundation is the philanthropic arm of its corporate sister, the Michelin Group. The foundation operates under its “[s]ignature theme” of “[h]elping people move forward.” Grantmaking programs include Sustainable Mobility, Sport and Health, Education and the Community, Protecting the Environment and Heritage and the Arts.

While Michelin does not maintain a dedicated conservation grantmaking program, it conducts related funded through its Protecting the Environment, which seeks to address the “[f]undamental challenges for the future of our planet” by focusing on the “[f]ight against global warming, the renewing of energies, the preservation of resources and biodiversity.” Its grantmaking in this area is intentionally broad because the foundation is willing to consider an array of projects.

Grants range in the thousands to tens of thousands. Past conservation grantees include the World Wildlife Federation, which received a grant to support its environmental protection and conservation work in Sumatra, Indonesia; and the Yellowstone Park Foundation, which received funding for its work constructing and repairing paths to protect different geysers in the park. To discover more about select Michelin grantees, explore its beneficiaries page.  

The Michelin Corporate Foundation accepts unsolicited requests for funding via its website.


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