Burning Foundation: Grants for Environmental Conservation

OVERVIEW: The Burning Foundation works for environmental causes in Washington and Oregon and deals with teen pregnancy prevention in Washington State.

IP TAKE: While the foundation’s focus is two-pronged, the bulk of its grantmaking goes toward environmental work.

PROFILE: Established in 1998, the Burning Foundation is steered by Microsoft veteran David Weiss and family. His wife Alisa and brother Daniel (who also worked at Microsoft) serve on the board. David led the development of Windows 3.0, which put Microsoft on the map. The Burning Foundation works for environmental causes in Washington and Oregon, and deals with teen pregnancy prevention.

The foundation’s environmental programming focuses on Washington and Oregon, particularly threatened rivers and forests, nurturing native fish populations, and conserving land and open space for ecological and recreational purposes. It gives preference to local and statewide groups over “national organizations with projects in the Pacific Northwest.” It’s worth noting that Daniel is a member of Climate Solutions, and spends time tracking climate change literature. Burning Foundation’s pregnancy focus includes “school-based health and education programs, mentoring projects, and community clinic programs providing information and services on birth control, choice and sex education.”

Grants range from $4,300 to $47,000. In a recent fiscal year, the foundation gave away $642,300. Past grantees include Coalition of Oregon Land Trusts, Northwest Environmental Defense Center, Conservation Northwest, Oregon Natural Desert Association, Wild Salmon Center, Okanagan Family Planning, Neighborcare Health, and Planned Parenthood of Greater Washington and North Idaho.

The foundation funds general operating expenses and/or special projects. It no longer accepts requests for multi-year support. Applications are submitted through the foundation’s online portal. There is a spring and fall cycle for both LOIs and full proposals.


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