Albertsons Companies Foundation: Grants for Diseases

OVERVIEW: The Albertsons Companies Foundation focuses much, if not all, of its disease grants on cancer.

IP TAKE: Albertsons tends to prioritize larger national organizations. Smaller and local organizations may find funding very competitive, but still possible.  

PROFILE: The Albertsons Companies Foundation represents the philanthropic arms of the Albertsons brands, including Safeway, Vons and Jewel-Osco, among others. The foundation is committed to improving the lives of people who live and work in Albertsons' neighborhoods. In the disease space, most of the giving goes to cancer programs.

The foundation’s Health and Human Services program focuses on cancer research organizations and those that work to increase the number of patients participating in cancer trials, on increasing access to preventative cancer testing, as well as on programs providing access to alternative cancer medicines and treatments.

According to the foundation website, grant amounts vary by region. This funder seems to like supporting local food banks and pantries. To get a broader sense of the local groups Albertsons supports, check out the Local Stories page.

The foundation awards grants to organizations in communities where Albertsons brands have an employee or operational presence. However, it also supports national childhood hunger eradication programs. Grant applications are generally accepted throughout the year and requests for proposals are made in the fall.


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