C.R. Bard Foundation: Grants for Diseases

OVERVIEW: The C.R. Bard Foundation focuses its disease related grantmaking on the fields of vascular medicine, urology and oncology, as well as surgical specialties.

IP TAKE: Bard is an accessible funder that pays a lot of attention to groups large and small. While the foundation’s total annual grantmaking is relatively sizeable, it likes to spread its funds among a large number of organizations, rather than awarding big grants to a small number of recipients.

PROFILE: The C.R. Bard Foundation is the philanthropic arm of C.R. Bard Inc., a leading developer and manufacturer of medical products related to vascular medicine, urology, oncology and surgery. The foundation’s overall mission is to “strengthen the health and well-being of our communities by improving the quality of life for people around the world.” To forward that mission, Bard operates three main grantmaking programs: Health Care Commitment, Community Commitment, and its Matching Gifts program.

While both the Community Commitment and Matching Gifts programs have health and healthcare components, the foundation’s disease related grants are predominately awarded out of its Health Care Commitment program.

Bard’s disease grantmaking is pretty broad and goes toward the support of scholarship programs, public health and education awareness campaigns, and fellowships, among others. Bard’s grantmaking is restricted to projects associated with urology, oncology, and vascular and surgical specialties.

The Bard Foundation’s grants are modest, with most ranging from $5,000 to $50,000. The upside here is that the foundation awards a large number of grants annually. Another surprising facet of Bard’s grantmaking: while grant amounts are relatively low, it seems to favor large national organizations and medical institutions, like the American Heart Association and Johns Hopkins. That being said, this is a funder that spreads its grants widely, so there are a fair number of smaller organizations receiving funding.

The C.R. Bard Foundation accepts unsolicited grant applications via its website. Applications are reviewed quarterly by the foundation’s Contributions Committee.

Bard also offers research grants to scientists working on projects with "relevance to products sold and marketed by Bard or areas in which Bard has an interest," namely vascular medicine, urology and oncology.


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