Geoffrey Beene Foundation: Grants for Disease

OVERVIEW: Geoffrey Beene’s disease support is focused on cancer research and an Alzheimer’s initiative. Its grants go toward prevention, treatments, awareness and research. On a smaller scale, the foundation funds efforts in heart disease and lesser known diseases, such as Marfan's Syndrome.

IP TAKE: The cancer research program and the Alzheimer’s initiative are completely separate funding programs. G. Thompson Hutton is your best point of contact to learn more about funding.

PROFILE: Geoffrey Beene’s fashion brand makes dress shirts, sportswear, suits, neckwear, formal wear, accessories, fragrances, eyewear, and other products. According to Geoffrey Beene’s website:

All net profits from Geoffrey Beene, LLC together with the Geoffrey Beene Foundation fund philanthropic causes that support initial-stage, out-of-the-box revolutionary research for treatments and prevention across all cancers as well as awareness and research for Alzheimer's, heart disease, scholarships, programs for veterans, protection of women and children and protection of animals.

Let’s first look at Geoffrey Beene’s support for cancer research. For example, 100% of net profits from Geoffrey Beene, LLC fund new cancer research at the Geoffrey Beene Cancer Research Center at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer. 

“The hallmark of the Geoffrey Beene Cancer Research Center at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center is its focus on revolutionary new research approaches across a variety of cancers, strategies that will lead to prevention through improved diagnostics and enhanced quality of life treatments toward the ultimate goal of making cancer a more manageable and perhaps one day, a curable disease,” said G. Thompson Hutton, the Trustee of the Geoffrey Beene Foundation and President of Geoffrey Beene, LLC.

Researchers at this cancer center are awarded grants through a highly competitive review process. These are some key features of Geoffrey Beene’s cancer support:

  • New research approaches to prevention, diagnosing, and treatment
  • Cancer biology and genetics
  • Precision disease modeling and personalized treatment

Through its disease funding, the Geoffrey Beene Foundation supports Alzheimer’s causes, as well. The Geoffrey Beene Foundation's Alzheimer's Initiative is a separate 501(c)(3) and the beneficiary of sole donor support from the Geoffrey Beene Foundation. This initiative was launched in 2007, and backs innovative new projects that advance awareness, diagnosis, and research in early stages of the disease.

The foundation likes to see big data analysis and tech applications in this field. Some of its programs include the Alzheimer’s Prevention Registry, the CogState Clinical Trial, the BrainBaseline app, and the platform and app.

Geoffrey Beene has also partnered with department stores that sell its products, such as Macy’s, to support campaigns for the American Heart Association. G. Thompson Hutton is Trustee and CEO of the Geoffrey Beene Foundation, and Mara Hutton is the foundation’s executive vice president. Meanwhile, Meryl Comer leads the foundation’s Alzheimer’s initiative as its president. The staff is headquartered in New York City and can be reached by calling 212-371-5570.


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