M.A.C. AIDS Fund Grants for Disease

OVERVIEW: The M.A.C. AIDS Fund is focused on preventing AIDS and HIV and funding outreach for people who have the disease. This relatively new fund is already giving big, with annual amounts often rising above $10 million.

IP TAKE: Because it's focused in such a niche area, M.A.C. can easily give to a wide variety of AIDS and HIV groups. But the fund takes an unusually varied approach to giving, with nearly half of its grants going to unique organizations. That's good news for organizations that do not have an established relationship with this fund.

KEY INFO: The M.A.C. AIDS Fund is a global organization, but it awards millions in the United States every year to AIDS- and HIV-related causes. Although yearly funding varies significantly, not since 2005 has it fallen below $5 million, and in 2013, more than $21.5 million went out the door.

M.A.C. grant amounts are fairly evenly distributed. Although a little more than half its gifts come in below $25,000, a respectable 17% exceed $100,000. Only a couple of those upper-level grants were above $1 million, and just about 3% were above $250,000. But with nearly 15% in the $100,000 to $250,000 range, M.A.C. gives out more big-dollar grants than many similarly sized funds and foundations.

The big story with M.A.C. is the variety of grantees to which it awards money. More than 600 groups have been the recipients of awarded since 2005. That number is far higher than at many similar organizations, which, although distributing many small gifts to miscellaneous organizations, often give in large amounts to the same organizations year after year — and sometimes more than once a year. Surprisingly, even the top 25% of M.A.C.'s grant amounts maintain the same level of variety. That's great news for newer organizations working in this area, or at least those new to M.A.C.

M.A.C. gives a lot of grants to community-based AIDS networks, support centers, and coalitions. A little less than a quarter of all grants went to groups like this. It also gives to national groups like the National Minority AIDS Council and the Children Affected by AIDS Foundation.

The fund's website can be hard to navigate, but you can visit its application page to see what grants are currently available. M.A.C. recently streamlined its application process and the timeline now coincides with certain initiatives the foundation undertakes throughout the year. All of this is to say thatM.A.C. only accepts applications during specific periods of the year, so be sure to check back regularly or email for more information.


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