MAXIMUS Foundation: Grants for Diseases

OVERVIEW: The MAXIMUS Foundation does not have specific areas of focus for its disease related grants.

IP TAKE: This corporate funder awards grants for a period of one year and does not award multi-year grants. The foundation awards grants to support general operating costs, as well as, specific projects and programs. However, the foundation does not prioritize health awards.

PROFILE: MAXIMUS is a U.S. based company providing health and human services programs around the world by collaborating with state, federal and local governments. The board of directors established the MAXIMUS Foundation in 2000 with a “[c]ommitment in helping disadvantaged populations and underserved communities.” The foundation seeks programs that “[p]romote personal growth and self-sufficiency through improved health, augmented child and family development and community development.” Current grantmaking programs include Youth and Children Development, Disaster Relief, Community Development and Health Care.

The foundation’s Health Care program focuses on promoting “[a]ccess and services to low-income individuals and families.” According to the foundation’s website, this includes but is not limited to physical and developmental disabilities, HIV/AIDS prevention care and chronic care.

MAXIMUS Foundation grants are modest in amount, often ranging from $1,000 to $5,000. Disease related organizations receiving past support from MAXIMUS include Keaton’s Childhood Cancer Alliance, which was awarded a grant to support its work with children with cancer and their families and; the Clayton Dabney Foundation for Kids with Cancer, which received a grant for its work with children under the age of 21 who have been diagnosed with terminal cancer. To learn more about the types of organizations the foundation supports, examine its grants recipients page.

The MAXIMUS Foundation does not accept unsolicited grant applications or requests for funding.

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