Poses Family Foundation: Grants for Diseases

OVERVIEW: The Poses Family Foundation does not have a specific disease grantmaking program but it does give widely to a diverse set of disease-related groups.

IP TAKE: Poses isn’t the most accessible funder out there, but it does award some relatively sizeable grants to local, regional, and national outfits. So, grantseekers shouldn’t shy away from getting in contact and making an introduction.

PROFILE: Based in New York, the Poses Family Foundation isn’t necessarily a disease-related grantmaker. Rather, the foundation is a big supporter of organizations working with people with disabilities, learning and attention issues, as well as their caregivers, families and loved ones. Poses does, however, award a decent number of disease-focused grants each year.

In this regard, the foundation tends to center its disease grants on larger national organizations, such as the Michael J. Fox Foundation. But it still backs a good number of local and regional outfits. So smaller outfits have a shot at funding, but it might take some legwork.

As far as specific disease causes, it doesn't look like the foundation has a preference. In the past, it has supported groups working in pediatric cancer, cerebral palsy, lupus, and breast cancer: pretty diverse areas.

Grant amounts can range anywhere from $5,000 to over $500,000, but typically between $10,000 to $50,000.

This family foundation keeps a low public profile and does not have a website. It does, however, have a formal paid staff, which makes it a bit easier for grantseekers to get in contact.

Poses does not accept unsolicited letters of inquiry or requests for funding, opting instead to make grants by invitation only.



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Poses Family Foundation

145 Hudson Street, Suite 5B

New York, New York 10013

(646) 613-8934