Robert and Janice McNair Foundation: Grants for Diseases

OVERVIEW: The Robert and Janice McNair Foundation is a philanthropic vehicle of Houston Texans founder Robert McNair and his wife Janice. Beginning late last decade, the couple began to focus on medical research in breast and pancreatic cancer, diabetes, and the neurosciences.

IP TAKE: The McNair Foundation may be By and large, the foundation focuses on making grants in Texas, especially, but not exclusively, in the Houston area.

PROFILE:  The Robert and Janice McNair Foundation was established in 1988 by Robert McNair, the founder of the Houston Texans football team wife Janice attended nearby Columbia College. The couple has been heavily involved in philanthropy and has a particular interest in health. The foundation has the goal of “transforming some of the biggest challenges our nation faces today into the solutions of tomorrow” through its “passionate support of students, young entrepreneurs, medical research and the community.” Its main avenues of funding are the McNair Medical Institute, McNair Centers for Entrepreneurism and Free Enterprise, McNair Scholars, and Community Impact.

The McNair Medical Institute is “determined to make scientific discoveries that translate into the cure of devastating medical disorders” by converting “findings from the translational research into viable solutions for healthcare as quickly as possible.” It pursues its mission mainly by recruiting McNair Medical Scholars “from the world’s brightest medical research scientists and doctors,” but it also operates seven “specially designed research projects.” The institute’s main priorities are “breast and pancreatic cancers, Type 1 diabetes and the neurosciences.”

The McNair Foundation does not disclose its grant amounts and does not have a database of past grants. It awards its grants by invitation only. It does not accept unsolicited proposals or letters of inquiry.


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