Dalio Family Foundation: Grants for Diseases

OVERVIEW: The Dalio Family Foundation’s disease-related funding generally revolves around mental and cardiovascular health.

IP TAKE: The Dalio Foundation has major assets and has ramped up its giving significantly in recent years. However, the path to earning support is unclear, since the foundation’s website has no clear grantmaking guidelines.

PROFILE: Founded in 2003, the Dalio Foundation (formerly known as the Dalio Family Foundation) is the main philanthropic vehicle of Ray Dalio, who runs the hedge fund Bridgewater Associates, and his wife Barbara. The foundation holds north of $800 million in assets as of the most recent information available. In addition, its grantmaking has soared in recent years, jumping from $44 million in 2011 to a reported $119 million in 2014. Its wide range of focus areas include Education, Ocean Exploration and Awareness, Scaling Impact Through Computing, Mental Health and Wellness, Financial Inclusion, Community and the Arts, and China.

Dalio’s Mental Health and Wellness program provides “significant support for bipolar research,” including “basic research into its genetic underpinnings” at the Broad Institute, as well as “clinical training, public education, and patient care” at Johns Hopkins University. The foundation also funds “cutting edge cardiovascular research, machine learning and device development” at New York-Presbyterian Hospital. Other past grantees include the Gates Polio Eradication Initiative and the National Alliance on Mental Illness.

While the Dalio Foundation publicizes how much money it has given away in total, it is not transparent about its grantmaking habits or typical grant amounts. The foundation’s website states that “criteria for selection are clearly specified and strictly followed,” although it does not say what they are.

Dalio does not accept unsolicited proposals or donation requests, as all proposals “are initiated internally and vetted by the professional staff and experts who provide their recommendations.”


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