Women in Film: Grants for Film

OVERVIEW: The Women in Film Foundation offers scholarships, grants, and funds to finish films to female filmmakers around the country.

IP TAKE: This is a fairly approachable funder that supports long and short-film formats across all genres, which include narrative, documentary, animated and experimental films.

PROFILE: Women in Film (WIF) was established in 1973 to “preserve the legacies of all women in the entertainment community.” The foundation seeks to promote gender parity across the film industry and all forms of media around the world. The foundation offers various scholarships, grants, and film finishing funds. 

WIFs scholarship program offers "women of all ages and backgrounds the opportunity to launch careers in film, television, communications, and new media." The program supports female students at major film schools in the Los Angeles area and across the United States.  

Female filmmakers and producers who are no longer students can apply to the Film Finishing Fund, which supports filmmakers working in both "short and long formats, in all genres — narrative, documentary, animated and experimental." In order to qualify, the filmmaker must have completed 90% of principal photography and "have a rough cut at the time of application." Non-members are welcome to apply; however, student projects are not eligible. The fund offers awards up to $15,000, as well as in-kind support. WIF also offers a $25,000 grant supported by Tiffany & Co. Click here to learn more about past Film Finishing Fund winners.

In contrast, the PSA Production program offers select Creative Teams "professional hands-on experience in writing, directing and producing for the charities." This program offers women the opportunity to build their work experience and receive mentorship from experienced entertainment industry individuals. The program develops women’s professional and creative skills while speaking to some of the world’s most pressing needs.

WIF announces grant applications via its website. However, grant seekers and interested parties can also subscribe to its newsletter for the latest announcements and deadlines.


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