Alstom Foundation: Grants for Global Development

OVERVIEW: The Alstom Foundation seeks global development projects focusing on economic development, social development, access to mobility, and access to energy and water.

IP TAKE: This funder supports projects that demonstrate sustainability after Alstom’s funding has been depleted.

PROFILE: Established in 2007, the Alstom Foundation is the philanthropic arm of the French multinational transportation corporation, Alstom. The foundation aims to “[c]hampion humanitarian initiatives,” in the key areas of economic and social development, environmental protection, access to mobility, and access to energy and water.

While the foundation does not reveal its grant amounts, its projects list demonstrates a funding interest in a wide variety of global development projects. In Algeria, it supported a solar energy project conducted by SOS Children’s Village. In the Democratic Republic of Congo, it supported Objectif O, a Belgian nonprofit working to repair the water purification system to at the N’Seke power plant in order to provide clean and potable drinking water to local communities.

The Alstom Foundation accepts unsolicited grant applications and proposals. For grant consideration, an Alstom employee must typically submit applications and proposals; however, if grantseekers do not know anyone at Alstom to champion their projects, they are encouraged to contact the Alstom Foundation Secretariat, who will try to find an employee who can play the role of an employee sponsor.


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