Blue Moon Fund: Grants for Global Development

OVERVIEW: The Blue Moon Fund supports organizations that work within the crosscutting global development fields of local economic development and environmental sustainability.

IP TAKE: Blue Moon is a very transparent funder that only supports projects that have long-term sustainability potential and that center efforts around people's well-being. 

PROFILE: The Blue Moon Fund was established in 2002 by Diane Edgerton Miller and Patricia Jones Edgerton, and is one of the three new organizations established after the W. Alton Jones Foundation was restructured in 2001. Patricia's father and Diane's grandfather, W. Alton Jones, created the original foundation in 1944. 

The fund seeks to improve the "human relationship to the natural world through strategic philanthropy, initiative-based investments, and partnerships" with organizations, communities, and companies around the world. Though self-admittedly small, the fund continues the Jones Foundation's legacy through its support of environmental and conservation projects both domestically and abroad. Indeed, the Blue Moon Fund is committed to mitigating "climate change and the strain it places on biodiversity, people, and economies." It centers its grantmaking efforts on human well-being and long-term sustainability. For Blue Moon, this means it is willing to take "calculated risks and operate outside the bounds of traditional philanthropic methods." 

To achieve its mission, the fund's initiative-based, "hands-on team remains dedicated to crafting holistic solutions to key issues on three continents" by working closely with partners and advisors who share its mission. While it is better known for funding environmental causes, the fund believes “landscapes and livelihoods are interconnected.” Its Grantmaking priorities clearly reflect this dedication to cross-cutting approaches. 

The fund's grantmaking ranges from $50,000 to $150,000. Grantseekers should note that the fund also makes a few health program related grants to organizations that work within its areas of interest.

Blue Moon does not accept unsolicited grant applications, and funding is made by invitation only.


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