Comic Relief: Grants for Global Development

OVERIVEW: Comic Relief seeks to alleviate global poverty and many of the factors that contribute to the generational cycle of poverty.

IP TAKE: This outfit supports groups both big and small that attack the root problems of poverty and devise long-term solutions to those challenges.

PROFILE: On December 25, 1985, Comic Relief officially launched live on television from the Sawa refugee camp in Sudan. Over time, the group has included a number of partners, like Oxfam and Sainbury’s. While Comic Relief may be better known for its fundraising prowess, it is a substantial grantmaker in its own right. Comic Relief seeks to "drive positive change through the power of entertainment" in order to create a world in which everyone is "safe, healthy, educated, and empowered."

Specifically, the foundation focuses its grantmaking on the following:  

The foundation's Open Funding Initiative accepts applications by invitation only. Through its Small Grants Fund, Comic Relief supports grassroots organizations dedicated to organizations that use rugby as a tool for social change. 

Comic Relief accepts unsolicited applications from UK registered charities.


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