Good Ventures: Grants for Global Development

OVERVIEW: Founded by Facebook billionaire Dustin Moskovitz and his wife Cari Tuna, Good Ventures supports global development efforts including policy advocacy, scientific research, and reducing global catastrophic risk.

IP TAKE: Good Ventures is a creative and incredibly ambitious outfit with a healthy appetite for calculated risk. It looks to fund organizations with innovative solutions to deeply entrenched global development problems like extreme poverty.

PROFILE: Although Good Ventures is relatively new, the founders have learned quite a bit about the world of philanthropy over the past few years. Namely, that Moskovitz and Tuna are struck by the restrictive and limited nature of traditional philanthropy, and challenge the lack of transparency and a shortage of clear feedback methods. Good Ventures only started making grants in December 2011, so it is young; however, it is determined to experiment and take unconventional approaches to affect large-scale impact across its main areas of funding interest. Guided by its mission to “[h]elp humanity thrive,” Good Ventures is already devoting a great deal of resources toward affecting the large-scale impact it seeks. 

The foundation's specific focus areas of grantmaking and grantmaking approach include U.S. Policy, Global Catastrophic Risks, Scientific Research and Global Health and Development. In keeping with the organization's emphasis on transparency and collaboration, it has partnered with Open Philanthropy Project to jointly explore a number of global challenges. For the time being, Good Ventures operates across major categories of philanthropy including the wide-ranging field of global development.

Good Ventures currently directs its global development grantmaking toward alleviating extreme poverty and improving the livelihoods of poor populations around the globe. To those ends, the foundation has supported efforts in microfinance, direct cash transfers, and entrepreneurial models aimed at helping poor people gain increased financial security. The majority of the foundation’s global development grants range from $100,000 to $250,000. To get a concrete idea of the projects Good Ventures funds, explore its Grants Database, which offers more detailed grantee information.

Good Ventures does not accept unsolicited grant proposals at this time. But given the foundation's openness to new ideas, appetite for risk, and its deep pockets, we'd think there would be opportunities for international development groups that are willing and able to get Good Ventures to notice them. 


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