Niger Delta Partnership Initiative: Grants for Global Development

OVERVIEW: The Niger Delta Partnership Initiative focuses its global development grantmaking on economic development and peace building in the conflict-torn region of Nigeria.

IP TAKE: This is not a particularly transparent or accessible funder. Grantseekers should be prepared to network and communicate with this funder. 

PROFILE: Located in Washington, D.C., the Niger Delta Partnership Initiative (NPDI) seeks to catalyze systematic change to reduce poverty in the Niger Delta region of southern Nigeria. While the Niger Delta is oil-rich (oil accounts for around eighty percent of the country’s revenues), nearly half of the region's people remain impoverished. The foundation prioritizes economic development, capacity building, peace building, and analysis and advocacy. 

NDPI's global development grantmaking includes two main areas: economic development and peace building. NDPI's economic program focuses on "conflict analysis, conflict resolution training and peace education." Through its Partners for Peace (P4P) Network and its partnership with The Fund for Peace, the NDPI collaborates with traditional rulers, civil society actors, government officials, community leaders, local business leaders and students. 

The foundation’s peace building program supports groups that engage local communities and stakeholders in peace building efforts and conflict mitigation. Believing peace and financial stability intertwined, the NPDI's peace building grantmaking focuses on the "nexus between peace building and economic development... Healthy market systems flourish in peaceful societies. Jobs created through economic development initiatives, in turn, help reinforce peace." Thus, the NDPI focuses its peace building efforts on conflict analysis, conflict resolution training and peace education to mitigate peace. 

Precise grant amounts are unclear since its tax filings do not reveal individual grantees. However, the financials section shows that the foundation awards $8 million in grants annually.

The NPDI does not accept unsolicited requests for funding or grant applications. This group also receives much funding from oil giant Chevron Corp., which may be a consideration for some grantees.


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