Weeden Foundation: Grants for Global Development

OVERVIEW: Weeden funds family planning and reproductive health programs in the U.S. and abroad.

IP TAKE: This foundation locates its global development niche at the intersection of the environment and overpopulation. Grantseekers who can clearly demonstrate how they bridge both disciplines may have a better chance at attracting funding from this foundation.  

PROFILE: Established in 1963, the Weeden Foundation prioritizes the protection of ecosystems and biodiversity. Weeden is perhaps best known for its eco-friendly grantmaking; however, Weeden focuses specifically on “[t]he adverse impact of growing human populations and overuse of natural resources on the biological fabric of the planet.” Weeden views exponential population growth as a huge problem taxing the planet as a whole. As a result, it supports programs that lead “[t]owards population stabilization in the near future.” 

Weeden's Consumption program promotes "[s]ustainable consumption patterns in the U.S." because studies show the industrial age is one driver behind biological impoverishment. It focuses on greater use of environmental paper among other concerns. The foundation also seeks to create educational tools that achieve a more environmentally integrated curriculum, which connects "[p]opulation growth, over-consumption, environmental degradation, and biological limits." Weeden is particularly interested in projects that are designed to “scale-up” quickly through "[c]ost-effective, high-leverage mechanisms such as teacher development training." 

Weeden’s Population program fosters relationships between environmental groups and population organizations. It divides its efforts between an International and Domestic (U.S.-based) Population Stabilization Projects. These projects address safe and sustainable family planning efforts that are directly related to controlling biodiversity degradation rather than basic scientific research or direct care services.  

Weeden's grantmaking is competitive. It awards fewer than 20 Population grants a year, and it often supports past grantees for multiple years. Grant amounts typically range from $15,000 to $40,000. To learn more about the types of organizations Weeden funds, examine its Grants History page.

Grantseekers are encouraged to submit a letter of inquiry. Keep in mind that if invited to submit a full proposal that they are typically due sometime in mid-February.


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