Weyerhaeuser Family Foundation: Grants for Global Development

OVERVIEW: Within an overarching focus on women and girls, Weyerhaeuser's global development includes education, environmental conservation and preservation, health and economic development.  

IP TAKE: Weyerhaeuser is a particularly approachable funder focusing on small global development organizations. The foundation heavily emphasizes that proposals reflect clearly stated goals and measurable results in order to secure funding. 

PROFILE: The Weyerhaeuser Family Foundation—unaffiliated with the Weyerhaeuser Company Foundation— seeks to promote "[t]he welfare of human and natural resources." It predominately prioritizes women and girls in all of its key areas because the foundation believes investing in women and girls "[c]an enhance their natural desire to prosper and stimulate their entrepreneurship.” The foundation invests in education, conservation, health, and economic development.  

Weyerhaeuser awards global development-related grants through its International Initiative. The initiative seeks to help "[w]omen, girls, and their families overcome violence, poverty and other hardships in under-developed countries." 

The foundation's Children's Initiative supports work that creates and promotes "[s]tability, resilience, and healing for children who have witnessed domestic violence." It focuses on educating and empowering at-risk youth. In contrast, its Sustainable Forests initiative supports NGOs that preserve and protect the environment, while the foundation's economic development efforts support micro-lending efforts.

Weyerhaeuser’s global health grantmaking may also be considered innovative. Although it supports global health grants for family planning programs, the foundation also supports global health grants to groups that address mental health issues in developing countries. 

Despite being a global development concern, which receives remarkably little attention from NGOs and governments, mental health funding is widely ignored. In fact, its state of funding developing nations is so widely ignored that the WHO has said, “We are facing a global human rights emergency in mental health.” To say that mental illness in the global development field is not crowded is an understatement. And Weyerhaeuser is one of the very few foundations that prioritize mental health in its global health giving. 

Weyerhaeuser accepts LOIs by April 1 and then decides from which organizations to invite proposals. Grant amounts range from $15,000 and $40,000, and the foundation considers requests for multi-year support for up to three years. To learn more about the kinds of organizations Weyerhaeuser supports, explore its Past Grants webpage.


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