The PIMCO Foundation: Grants for Global Development

OVERVIEW: The PIMCO Foundation focuses on gender equality, and financial empowerment for women and girls in the global development space. 

IP TAKE: The PIMCO Foundation dedicates its global development commitment to women and girls by empowering them. The foundation supports relevant programs all over the U.S., but its recent giving history reveals a tendency to support organizations in Southern California and New York City.

PROFILE: As the philanthropic arm of Pacific Investment Management Company (PIMCO), an investment management firm that is a subsidiary of Allianz, the PIMCO Foundation intends to "empower people globally to reach their full potential." Established in 2000, the foundation seeks and invests in "strategic, high-impact opportunities through which [it] can address important community needs and organize for change." It predominately invests in education, equality and empowerment for women and girls, and financial education. 

In the global development space, PIMCO's Gender Equality program dedicates itself primarily to women and girls' equity. Since women and girls comprise more than 70% of the world's most impoverished group, they incur a "disproportionate amount of the consequences of war, violence, poverty, trafficking, and oppression of every kind." In this area, PIMCO ultimately supports programs that "empower women and girls to develop their collective voice to bring about change on behalf of their families and communities." The foundation believes this may be accomplished through women's long-term financial, cultural, educational, and personal emancipation and empowerment. 

Gender Equality grants range from $25,000 to $100,000. The grants are generally limited to one year; however, on a limited basis, PIMCO will entertain multi-year requests to a limited number of “returning” grantees. 

Whether philanthropic work is conduct abroad or in the U.S., PIMCO grantees must be based in the United States. While there are no geographically restrictions imposed on its giving, Gender Equality grants generally support organizations in the Southern California or New York City areas. 

Grantseekers should note, however, that PIMCO's grant application is very rigorous. PIMCO requires extensive background and discussion of grantseeking organization’s financials, which exceeds the baseline requirement of being a 501(c)(3). PIMCO analyzes organizations' program-to-administration overall operating budget ratios, cash-on-hand vs. current liabilities ratios, and a hard look at how diversified any organization's income may be. 

PIMCO's Gender Equality grants are made by invitation only, and PIMCO does not consider unsolicited applications. 


  • Sarah Vagley Middleton, Executive Director
  • Amber Skalsky, Program Manager