Anschutz Foundation: Grants for K-12 Education

OVERVIEW: The Anschutz Foundation only funds K-12 education in the Denver, Colorado area.

IP TAKE: The Anschutz Foundation supports educational nonprofits in the Denver, Colorado area. It does not maintain a website, and little is known about its broader giving profile. Instead, it prefers a low public profile.

PROFILE: The Denver, Colorado-based Anschutz Foundation was founded in 1982 by real estate and oil magnate Frederick Anschutz and his wife, Marian. Today it is run by the Anschutzes’ son, Phillip, and his wife, Nancy. The present-day foundation remains separate from the Anschutz Family Foundation. The Anschutz Foundation does not maintain a website or public presence, but is said to have an endowment of about $1billion and to support a broad range of causes. According to articles in the Washington Post and the Los Angeles Times, the foundation supports a number of conservative causes.

Much of the Anschutz Foundation’s funding supports organizations in the state of Colorado. The Colorado Education Initiative has received funding to recruit and prepare high school students for advanced placement classes. Youth on Record, a Colorado nonprofit that gives underserved teens an opportunity to learn with local performing artists, has also received support.

This foundation does not maintain a website or an open application process. However, its mailing address and phone number are provided.


The Anschutz Foundation
1727 Tremont Pl.
Denver, CO 80202


  • Phillip Anschutz

  • Ted Harms, Executive Director