Best Buy Foundation: Grants for K-12 Education

OVERVIEW: The Best Buy Foundation invests in education through technology education and enrichment programs for teenagers, prioritizing underserved student populations.  

IP TAKE: The Best Buy Foundation invests in education through its signature programs and community grantmaking initiatives. The foundation prioritizes technology education for underserved teens in the communities where it operates retail stores.

PROFILE: The Best Buy Foundation is the philanthropic arm of the Best Buy consumer electronics retail chain. Based in Richfield, Minnesota, the foundation’s grantmaking program is directed at “giving underserved teens hands-on access to the tech education and tools they need to be prepared for the tech-reliant jobs of the future.” To this end, the foundation runs three signature programs: Best Buy National Grant Partnerships, Best Buy Teen Tech Centers and Geek Squad Academies. For projects falling outside of these signature programs, Best Buy offers support through three funding lines: community grants, the Twin Cities Fund, and event sponsorships.  

Best Buy’s National Grant Partnerships support nonprofits that provide technology education and enrichment on a national level. One national partner, Cyber Seniors, trains teens to teach senior citizens about technology that can enrich and improve their lives. Best Buy Teen Tech Centers are run through local clubs, public libraries and other nonprofit organizations and provide opportunities for teens to acquire and develop skills in the areas of audio production, coding, computer maintenance and repair, digital photography and graphic design, filmmaking, game development, virtual reality, robotics, web design and 3D printing. Geek Squad Academies, similarly, provide technology education to teens through free camps and workshops. The foundation also offers grants to nonprofits that provide technology education to teens outside the purview of the signature programs through the community grants, Twin Cities Fund, and event sponsorship programs.  

Best Buy signature program partnerships and other grants are available to nonprofits serving youth between the ages of 13 and 18 and operating within 25 miles of a Best Buy store. The foundation posts RFPs for its various funding programs on its website throughout the year. The average grant amount is $5,000, with a maximum grant amount of $10,000.

Best Buy’s open application program that begins with an eligibility quiz.


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