Boeing Company: Grants for K-12 Education

OVERVIEW: Aerospace giant Boeing maintains a broad philanthropic scope in which K-12 education figures prominently. Boeing grants are specific to geographic area, and the corporation runs an open application process with materials available on its website.

IP TAKE: Boeing is a generous funder of K-12 education emphasizing STEM projects. Its recent grantees are well-established leaders in their fields, which suggests it is less likely to fund small and grassroots organizations. This funder maintains an open application process by geographic area and provides materials on its website.

PROFILE: Headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, Boeing is a leading aerospace engineering and manufacturing company that operates around the world. The corporation maintains a broad philanthropic scope, in which education features prominently. This funder aims to “inspire and motivate the next generation of innovators” by partnering with organizations that support students, families and educators. Boeing’s funding emphasizes STEM education across all grade levels. 

Rather than maintain a dedicated education program, Boeing funds education broadly. Past grantees include Grades of Green, a hands-on program that teaches students and teachers in the U.S. and abroad to minimize waste and care for their local environments. Boeing also supports Washington STEM, an organization that brings innovative STEM learning to schools across the state of Washington and advocates for educational change and professional development. While its grantee list is long and comprehensive, recipients of Boeing grants tend to be well-established organizations that are leaders in their fields. Boeing maintains its own education website, which highlights some of its recent K-12 projects.

Boeing maintains an open grant application process through its website. Grants are available through both the Boeing Corporation and Boeing Employees Community Fund. Information about requirements and procedures for both funding sources are available at the seeking support section of Boeing’s website. Funding opportunities and grant amounts are specific to geographic area; dropdown menus for specific areas in the U.S. and abroad are provided.