National Council of Teachers of Mathematics: Grants for K-12 Education

OVERVIEW: The National Council of Teachers of Mathematics seeks to ensure the highest quality mathematics education for all students by supporting the country’s teachers of math. It awards professional grants in support of K-12 education through its Mathematics Education Trust, supporting math educators by providing professional development, curriculum support, and specific classroom projects

IP TAKE: This professional organization is singularly dedicated to excellence in mathematics education, but funding is available to NCTM members only.

PROFILE: The National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) has a vision statement that reads in part: “We envision a world where everyone is enthused about mathematics, sees the value and beauty of mathematics, and is empowered by the opportunity that mathematics affords.” This vision certainly applies to its support of K-12 math educators, and to the grants the council offers through its Mathematics Education Trust.

NCTM’s Mathematics Education Trust breaks down its giving into four categories:

  • Pre-K - Grade 5 Teacher Grants
  • Grades 6-8 Teacher Grants
  • Grades 9-12 Teacher Grants
  • Prospective Teachers’ Grants

The grants within each of the grade ranges focus on various ways to empower mathematics teachers, and therefore their students. All of them, however, fall under the NCTM’s “strategic priorities”, namely:

  • Increasing Access and Equity
  • Public Advocacy
  • Development and implementation of effective Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment
  • Professional Development for “all stakeholders”
  • Research
  • Effective incorporation of Technology into math education across the spectrum  

This is a group that thinks a bit outside of the traditional box. Grant opportunities for K-12 math teachers as well as publications on the side include collaborative research, parent involvement, in-service training, classroom research, and professional teacher development outside of the classroom (conferences and post-secondary continuing education). Some grants have also incorporated novel ideas such as using music to teach math and funding for connecting math to other disciplines.

 The trust is also looking to support the next generation of math educators. Its grants for prospective teachers are scholarship awards for ”college students preparing for teaching secondary school mathematics.” Grants are listed on the Council’s grants page, are open only to NCTM members and range in amount from $1,200 to $24,000. Each grant listed also shows is application deadline, which is generally in the spring or fall.

And who exactly is this “trust,” you ask? They are a group of four volunteers appointed by NCTM’s president. They each serve a four-year term, and act as chair of the trust in their final year of appointment. NCTM’s Executive Director also serves as a more “permanent” member of the group.

If you’re looking to move forward with an application, NCTM Mathematics Education Trust provides a helpful list of tips to keep in mind. Additional resources and documents are available under the “View Also” section at the bottom of the trust’s About MET page.  


  • Robert Doucette, MCTM Executive Director