Voya Foundation: Grants for K-12 Education

OVERVIEW: The Voya Foundation, an offshoot of Voya Financial, supports STEM education for grades K-8 and financial literacy for grades 9-12.

IP TAKE: The Voya Foundation funds K-8 STEM learning and financial literacy for grades 9-12. This funder runs an open online application process.

PROFILE: The Voya Foundation is the philanthropic arm of Voya Financial, formerly ING U.S., an investment and insurance company based in New York City. The foundation aims to “help create financially resilient youth” through its support of STEM learning programs for grades K-8 and financial literacy programs for grades 9-12.  

Voya’s K-8 STEM funding is directed toward projects that improve STEM education, preparing students for participation in the workforce and the attainment of financial stability. One recipient, the Arizona Science Center, used funding to implement a museum outreach program for elementary and middle school classrooms. Voya’s financial literacy initiative aims to teach high school students basic concepts of personal finance such as student debt, credit, home ownership, investing and planning. To this end, Voya has partnered with the Junior Achievement and Girls Inc. organizations.

The Voya Foundation accepts applications from nonprofit organizations on an ongoing basis. The minimum value of grants is $2,5000, and organizations may not apply more than once each year.

This funder runs an open application process through its website. Application guidelines are posted on the Voya website.


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