Andrew Kukes Foundation for Social Anxiety: Grants for Mental Health

OVERVIEW: The Andrew Kukes Foundation for Social Anxiety prioritizes grantmaking for education and outreach, as well as improved treatment, interventions, and access to healthcare for social anxiety disorder.    

IP TAKE: This foundation only supports organizations with large projects at regional, state, or national levels. Local and grassroots efforts are unlikely to find much funding luck here.

PROFILE: Andrew Kukes Foundation for Social Anxiety (AKFSA) was created by Patricia and Jefferey Kukes to honor their son, Andrew, who sadly committed suicide in 2009. Andrew Kukes battled severe depression and its common co-condition, social anxiety, throughout his twenties. The foundation seeks to “educate social anxiety sufferers, mental health and educational professionals, physicians, family and the general public about the diagnosis and treatment of social anxiety disorder.”

The foundation awards grants to organizations helping those suffering from social anxiety and their families. AKFSA also awards grants to mental health and education professionals as well as doctors who are administering education and outreach programs for the diagnosis and treatment of social anxiety disorder. Its overall goal is to raise national awareness.

AKFSA prioritizes education and outreach programs in its grantmaking but it does have additional grantmaking priorities related to treatment of social anxiety disorder, including: 

  • Early education and intervention projects aimed at school-aged children.
  • Technological solutions that promote increased access to mental health education.
  • Improved treatment for college-aged social anxiety sufferers.
  • Improved treatment and delivery of healthcare services.
  • Screening, assessment and diagnosis interventions related to early mental health treatment for social anxiety.

Grants begin at around $5,000 for “limited-time targeted educational outreach initiatives” related to social anxiety. Generally, grants range from $5,000 to $50,000. Grants are awarded on a one to two-year basis and AKFSA will consider renewable multi-year grants.

The foundation accepts unsolicited letters of inquiry from April to August of each year, with the final funding decision made at the end of September.


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