Archstone Foundation: Grants for Mental Health

OVERVIEW: The Archstone Foundation’s mental health grants address older adults suffering from depression.

IP TAKE: Archstone’s funding favors outfits in its home state of California. Applicants from other states must demonstrate how their projects can be replicated in California, or on a regional/national level.

PROFILE: The Archstone Foundation has been around for a few decades and over that time its funding strategies have evolved. While its giving still revolves around the needs of older adults, Archstone switched up priorities to include quality-of-life improvements for older adults with depression.

According to the foundation, around one in five older adults suffer from depression, which often leads to other health problems. Unfortunately, many older adults with depression don't get the treatment they need, particularly minorities, older men, poor people, and those with multiple medical problems.

Though its Depression in Late-Life Initiative, Archstone backs innovative projects and approaches to depression treatment for older adults. Grants are pretty significant, typically ranging from $50,000 to $300,000. To learn more about Archstone grantees, explore its searchable Grants Database.

It should be noted that the foundation gives preference to California-based organizations. However it does make grants to groups working in other states and those with national programs.

The Archstone Foundation accepts unsolicited letters of inquiry, which must be mailed to the foundation. LOIs are reviewed each month by program staff who will then decide whether the applicant will be invited to submit a full proposal.


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