Baxter International Foundation: Grants for Mental Health

OVERVIEW: Baxter is all about increasing access to quality healthcare for disadvantaged and underserved populations in the United States. As far as its mental health care grants go, this foundation funds a diverse set of causes.

IP TAKE: This foundation likes to focus its grantmaking on local organizations that can deliver measurable results. Grantseekers should be aware that the foundation only awards project-specific grants and does not make awards for general operating support.

PROFILE: The Baxter International Foundation awards grants that address the healthcare needs of vulnerable populations in the United States and abroad, paying particular attention to the areas in which its employees live and work. Health and healthcare related grants are awarded out of Baxter’s Community Grants program.

Baxter has a qualitative approach to measuring its impact, which it does “not only by the number of dollars spent or by how many programs we support, but by the number of lives touched.” 

In the mental health space, Baxter grants are pretty diverse and support a wide variety of causes. They include structured psychotherapy programs for children experiencing chronic stress, substance abuse services, therapy for children who have been sexually abused, and school-based mental health services for minority populations.

Most Baxter International grants for mental health range from around $50,000 to $100,000, though on occasion the foundation has awarded grants for more than $100,000. According to the foundation, the average grant amount is $72,000. To get a better idea of the organizations Baxter International supports, look over its recent grants page. 

The Baxter International Foundation accepts unsolicited grant applications and gives "strong preference" to those brought to the foundation through a local Baxter facility or employee. Baxter typically has three grant cycles beginning the first of January, May, and September each year.



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