Dalio Foundation: Grants for Mental Health

OVERVIEW: Dalio supports research and treatment for mental disorders. Bipolar disorder and depression have been major targets of funding over the years.

IP TAKE: Dalio is deep into mental health, but not in the way one might think. Founder Ray Dalio is a staunch believer in transcendental meditation, which guides much of the foundation's grantmaking in this area. Still, he also supports more traditional outfits, including work on bipolar disorders. 

PROFILE: The Dalio Foundation, bankrolled by hedge fund multi-billionaire Ray Dalio, has recently stepped up its giving and is an active grantmaker in mental health. Dalio made his money founding and operating hedge fund Bridgewater Associates. He established his family foundation in 2003 and awards a good number of grants annually, mainly in the areas of mental health, education, conservation and global development. 

When it comes to mental health, Dalio states in his Giving Pledge letter that he and his wife "both support providing meditation to inner-city school children and groups that are under great stress." This only scratches the surface about what we know about Dalio's interests in this area.

Dalio describes himself as being a mediocre student who didn't really find balance in his life until he took control of his mental well-being. He believes he found himself through meditation and credits his wealth and success to getting this part of his life together. He's even written a book called "Principles," which is part business philosophy and part self-help.

As far as the foundation’s mental health giving is concerned, it heavily funds research and treatment for mental disorders. Bipolar disorder and depression have been major targets of funding over the years. Other areas of interest include Alzheimer’s, cerebral palsy and autism.

Dalio clearly has a lot of cards in play, but his most robust and comprehensive grantmaking to date is toward organizations that focus on meditation. It goes hand in hand with his personal philosophy, after all. Still, with Dalio's wealth and the fact that most of his money hasn't even made it to philanthropy, we expect more from his foundation in years to come.

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