Robert R. McCormick Foundation: Grants for Mental Health

OVERVIEW: The McCormick Foundation gives money to nonprofit organizations that work with veterans to treat PTSD, helping them integrate back into their communities after discharge and find meaningful employment.

IP TAKE: While the McCormick Foundation makes fairly large grants, its focus on the Chicago area means that relatively few organizations receive funding. Grantseekers that have more comprehensive veterans support programs tend to receive funding, as PTSD treatment and research is only one part of McCormick's veterans program goals.

PROFILE: The Robert R. McCormick Foundation’s mental health grantmaking revolves around military vets. The foundation’s Veterans program supports nonprofit organizations that work to reintegrate veterans back into their communities. These services include treating PTSD, aiding the search for meaningful employment, helping vets reconnect with their families, and preventing homelessness.

Although the foundation's support is generous, it is also relatively selective—typically the big mental health organizations receive the most grants. McCormick grants are decent-sized, with most falling between $25,000 and $150,000. Grantseekers should keep in mind that the foundation does not award a huge number of Veterans program grants annually, so they can expect some pretty serious competition for grants here. A list of the foundation's grants is available here.

Grantseekers can submit a letter of inquiry via the foundation’s website. LOIs are due May 31 of every year.

Only organizations that meet the program's funding directives have the opportunity to be contacted by the foundation. These programs change from time to time, and while not every directive will deal specifically with mental health, it is one of the main goals of the veterans program.


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