Stranahan Foundation: Grants for Mental Health

OVERVIEW: Stranahan’s grantmaking is pretty broad. Rather than prioritizing a specific mental illness, the foundation awards mental health grants related to increased access to care, mental health education, alternative care methods, preventative measures, and research to “eradicate health crises.”

IP TAKE: While Stranahan prioritizes Toledo, Ohio-based mental health organizations, it does offer grants to organizations located outside the city. Grant seekers just have to gain the attention of foundation staff and their work must be interesting enough that Stranahan will invite them to submit a letter of inquiry.

PROFILE: Co-founders of the Champion Spark Plug Company, brothers Frank and Robert Stranahan established the Stranahan Foundation in 1944 to help disadvantaged people. The foundation seeks to “assist individuals and groups in their efforts to become more self-sufficient and contribute to the improvement of society and the environment.” It awards grants for five priority areas, including physical and mental health.

Stranahan’s grantmaking is relatively generalized and rather than prioritizing a specific mental illnesses, the foundation awards mental health grants for projects that increase access to care, expand mental health education, establish alternative care methods, develop preventative measures, and conduct research to “eradicate health crises.”

The foundation also operates a Small Grants/Immediate Needs program, which makes emergency grants of $500 to $5,000 to projects with time-sensitive requirements. It typically makes funding decisions within 60 days of receiving an application. Only organizations which have already received a grant from Stranahan in the past five years are eligible to apply. 

Foundation-wide, grants from the Stranahan Foundation range from $10,000 to $1 million, with most falling in the $15,000 to $75,000 range.

Based in Toledo, Ohio, Stranahan does, for the most part, require its grantees to be located within the boundaries of the city. However, organizations located outside Toledo are eligible for grants as long as they were invited to submit a letter of inquiry by a foundation representative.  


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