Wellcome Trust: Grants for Science Research

OVERVIEW: The UK-based Wellcome Trust invests in a wide range of science research that investigates the biomedical, population health, humanities, and social sciences. 

IP TAKE: Grantseekers should expect an incredible amount of funding competition here.

PROFILE: Wellcome Trust is one of the largest charitable foundations in the world. Its billions of dollars in funding has backed projects in over 70 countries, supporting more than 14,000 people. One of the trust’s main goals in its work is to “improve health for everyone by helping great ideas to thrive.” The trust's strategic priorities all address scientific research in some aspect. Indeed, the trust invests in biomedical, population health, humanities, and social science research. The trust also supports clinical research, studies related to new health products and treatments, and public health interventions.

The trust conducts most of its brain research related funding through its Improving Health and Understanding Health and Disease strategies. Some specific areas of study supported by Wellcome include those related to cellular and molecular neuroscience, basic Neurobiology, neural signaling and function, sensory neurosciences, autonomic nervous system, neuro-immunology, and genetics.

The level of funding varies depending on the program, but grants are generally rather substantial, often starting in the $100,000 and going up from there. Some grantees may even receive funding for up to a decade. Wellcome Trust awards grants to individuals and teams of investigators. It also provides seed funding through some of its priority topics areas. Wellcome Trust provides support for researchers and scientists at every stage of their careers.To learn more about the trust’s grantees, explore its list of grantholders.

Researchers and organizations located in the UK, Ireland, and low- and middle-income countries are eligible for most, if not all, of the Wellcome Trust’s funding programs. Groups located elsewhere are still generally eligible funding, though the trust’s offering may be comparatively limited.


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