Charles Lafitte Foundation: Grants for Science Research

OVERVIEW: The Charles Lafitte Foundation invests in projects that address improved healthcare and disease prevention.

IP TAKE: This funder accepts unsolicited grant applications. Grant amounts are predominately modest. 

PROFILE: Jeffrey and Suzanne Citron established the Charles Lafitte Foundation (CLF) in 1999. The foundation is on a mission to help people “help themselves and the others around them to lead healthy, satisfying, and enriched lives.” The foundation invests in education, children's advocacy, the arts, and medical research.

The CLF conducts science research grantmaking through its medical research program. The program supports and encourages "health research and education, leading to better healthcare, disease prevention, and healthier lives. Through education, public awareness of basic wellness issues can be illuminated and healthy lifestyles and habits encouraged." THE CLF seeks projects that emphasize "quality of life, including disease prevention, and often focuses on specific groups with serious and neglected problems."

Grants range from $1,000 to $25,000, but on occasion may be higher. Also, CLF doesn’t award a large number of research grants each year and tends to favor larger medical institutions and organizations in its funding. To get a broader sense of the types of organizations supported by CLF, explore its Featured Grantees page.  

CLF accepts unsolicited grant applications throughout the year.


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