Alternatives for Research and Development Foundation: Grants for Science Research

OVERVIEW: The Alternatives for Research and Development Foundation funds scientists and investigators developing alternative methods to animal testing in scientific research.

IP TAKE: Grantseekers should not write this funder off simply because its main topic of focus appears to be a bit narrow. Developing alternatives to animal testing is actually a rather broad area.

PROFILE: The Alternatives for Research and Development Foundation (ARDF) was established in 1993 with the mission of helping scientists develop and adopt research methods that do not involve the use of animals. While this is still a main goal of ARDF, the foundation has adopted a broader funding approach.

ARDF backs science research projects that “develop alternative investigation methodologies and/or utilize alternative research approaches to advance science.” ARDF's Research Grant program supports individual projects, giving preference to those that use “pathway-based approaches.” Grants up to $40,000 are awarded to scientists and investigators, prioritizing those based at U.S. universities and research institutions.

ARDF supports research related to in vitro alternatives to the Draize eye test and the development of 3-D bioengineered human skin for burn studies. To learn more about ARDF grantees, review recipients here.

ARDF accepts unsolicited grant proposals. They must be submitted by May 1 to be considered for funding in the current year.


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