BD Biosciences: Grants for Science Research

OVERVIEW: BD Biosciences offers research grants for cancer and multiple immunology-related fields.

IP TAKE: Applying for a BD Biosciences grant is fairly straightforward, but grantseekers should expect a good deal of competition.

PROFILE: BD Biosciences is one of the world's leading developers of “innovative diagnostic and research tools” for scientists, researchers and investigators. The BD Biosciences Research Grant program funds work that advances the understanding of diseases, specifically through cancer and immunology research.

BD's cancer research grants are broadly focused and go to researchers helping to define "the next generation of scientific breakthroughs.” They award a total of $100,000 to 10 scientists each year in this category. Abstracts are accepted three times per year, with deadlines on the first of April, August and October.

Immunology grants support research in multicolor flow cytometry, cell signaling, stem cell research, immune function, infectious disease and neuroscience. It awards a total of $140,000 in grants to 14 scientists each year. Abstracts are accepted three times per year, on the first of January, June and July.

To learn more about the type of scientific research BD Biosciences supports, explore its grants database.

BD Biosciences grants are available to U.S.-based scientists and research labs. It also awards grants to scientists and labs in select European locations. Grant decisions are made by a panel of judges not affiliated with BD Biosciences.


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