Pfizer: Grants for Science Researchs

OVERVIEW: The Pfizer’s science research grants focus on medical research rather than other scientific disciplines.

IP TAKE: Eligibility requirements and application deadlines for Pfizer grants vary. Interested parties are encouraged to contact a Pfizer representative for more details.   

PROFILE: Pfizer’s Global Medical Grants program “[s]upports the global healthcare community’s independent improve patient outcomes of unmet medical need that are aligned with Pfizer’s medial and or scientific strategies.” Pfizer’s Global Medical Grants program is a facet of Pfizer’s corporate social responsibility program and a part of the company’s Competitive Grant Program and is not associated with the Pfizer Foundation. Pfizer the corporation and the Pfizer Foundation are separate legal entities.

Competitive Grant Program funding interests include independent research, independent medical education and pure compound request. Independent research grants “[s]upport independent research where the investigator or organization is the sponsor of the research and where Pfizer provides financial and/or non-financial support.” Independent medical education grants fund independent medical education activities which “[s]erve to maintain, development, or increase the knowledge, skills, and/or professional performance of a healthcare professional.” Finally, the pure compound request is a “[t]ype of where Pfizer provides Pfizer compound(s) (e.g., unformulated drug, pure substance, active pharmaceutical ingredients [API], biologics) within the Pfizer compound library to third-parties.”

Pfizer accepts unsolicited grant applications and requests for funding for its Competitive Grant program. In addition, the company announces open requests for proposals throughout the year.


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