David House

NET WORTH: Unknown

SOURCE OF WEALTH: Intel; Brocade Communications Systems

FUNDING AREAS: Education & Youth, Arts & Culture, Michigan Community, Bay Area Community.

OVERVIEW: David House moves his philanthropy through the House Family Foundation, which has given as high as $1.5 million and as low as $484,000 in the last few years of available tax records. Education has been a big focus of House's philanthropy, and he's given grants to his alma maters and other outfits, particularly in the Bay Area. He is interested in STEM education. He's given millions to Computer History Museum, as well. House also funds community organizations in his homestate of Michigan. The foundation doesn't have much of a web presence.

BACKGROUND: Born in Michigan, David House received a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from Michigan Technological University and an M.S. in Electrical Engineering from Northeastern University. House began his career as a computer designer at Raytheon. In 1974, House joined Intel, where he worked for 23 years, including at the helm of Intel's Microprocessor Division, and is credited with coining the familiar "Intel Inside" marketing slogan and campaign. House is currently chairman of Brocade Communications Systems, which specializes in data and storage networking products and is headquartered in San Jose.


EDUCATION & YOUTH: Through his House Family Foundation, House has recently funded McMillan School in Muskegon, Michigan, Eastside College Prep School, KIPP Bay Area Schools, Junior Achievement of Silicon Valley, Bay Area After-School All Stars, Foundation for a College Education, Northeastern University, The Girls' Middle School, and Breakthrough Silicon Valley, which " launches high potential, underserved middle school students on the path to college and inspires high school and college students to pursue careers in education."

A component of this philanthropy involves STEM education. He's given recent sums to ASPIRAnet's  MOUSE Squad of California (MSCA) Student Tech Leadership program, which works to help "underserved, upper elementary, middle and high school youth to develop necessary technological skills necessary to be successful in today’s global economy." Funds have also gone to Foothill College's Krause Center for Innovation, which "designs and implements innovative professional development education & training, with an emphasis on technology integration and STEM curriculum for educators."

House has strongly supported his undergraduate alma mater Michigan Technological University, which received a $10 million gift last decade while House chaired the school's capital campaign; the House Family Foundation has endowed professorships at the school, among other philanthropy. Funds have gone to youth outfits such as Boys & Girls Club of the Peninsula, and Girls Inc. of Alameda County, "a nonprofit organization dedicated to inspiring all girls to be strong, smart, and bold."

ARTS & CULTURE: Millions have streamed from the House Family Foundation to Computer History Museum in Mountain View, CA, an outfit which focuses on the the history of computing. House sits on the museum's board of trustees. Other recent philanthropy has involved Montalvo Arts Center, San Jose Museum of Art, Tech Museum of Innovation, and Children's Creativity Museum, a multimedia arts and technology museum in San Francisco.

MICHIGAN COMMUNITY & BAY AREA COMMUNITY: House has given recent grants in Michigan to outfits such as Community Foundation of Muskegon City; Porter Hills Foundation which supports seniors in Grand Rapids; Mission for Area People, "a faith-based organization providing Muskegon County residents with resources to meet basic needs," and Hackley Public Library. In the Bay Area, meanwhile, funds have gone to Sacred Heart Community Center, "a non-denominational, nonprofit organization that provides integrated services on site, free of charge, to all in need." 

LOOKING FORWARD: House's philanthropy has stuck close to Michigan and the Bay Area where he has personal ties. Expect this to hold.


The House Family Foundation does not provide a clear avenue of conctact, but below is an address: 

House Family Foundation
5205 Prospect Rd., Ste. 135-158
San Jose, CA 95129