Earl W. Stafford

NET WORTH: Unknown

SOURCE OF WEALTH: Universal Systems & Technology, Inc. (UNITECH)

FUNDING AREAS: Faith-Based Mission Services, Education and Training, Healthcare & Health Education

OVERVIEW: Established in 2002, the Stafford Foundation supports programs in the areas of faith-based mission support, education and training, and health care. The foundation’s annual grantmaking has been modest in the past.

BACKGROUND: Earl W. Stafford was born in New Jersey and served in the Air Force. He graduated from University of Massachusetts-Amherst and received an MBA from Southern Illinois University in 1984. He went on to found Universal Systems & Technology, Inc. (UNITECH), a training and information technology company which was acquired by defense technology corporation Lockheed Martin last decade.


FAITH:  The Stafford Foundation “partners with nonprofit organizations and schools to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ through building and supporting Christian churches, orphanages and schools throughout the world.” Through this program focus area, the foundation has partnered with Lott Carey Convention and International Cooperating Ministries (ICM), through which Stafford supported the construction of Christian churches in African countries, including Ethiopia and Kenya. In Burkina Faso, the Stafford Foundation helped develop the Stafford Centre, in partnership with Evangelical Association for Development Support (AEAD). The center serves as a home to orphaned boys and girls.

EDUCATION: Through this focus area, Stafford Foundation has partnered with Capital Youth Empowerment Program, Kingsley House, and Virginia State University, and Institute for Responsible Citizenship. Last decade, the foundation spearheaded “The People’s Inaugural Project” initiative, which brought more than 400 disadvantaged and underserved individuals to Washington, D.C., for a three-day celebration of Obama’s inauguration.

The foundation also made a commitment to support secondary education for eleven organizations that participated in the People’s Inaugural Project. Additionally, the Stafford Foundation teamed with Most Valuable Kids (MVK) and Monumental Sports & Entertainment to create The Stafford Foundation Youth Athletics Community Champions Program (YACCP).

HEALTH: Through this focus area, the foundation has partnered with places like Inova Foundation.

LOOKING FORWARD: Expect Stafford to continue steadily funding his select interest areas.