James and Judy Bergman

NET WORTH: Unknown


FUNDING AREAS: Education & Youth, Religious, Global & Humanitarian 

OVERVIEW: James Bergman and his wife Judy move their philanthropy through the Bergman Family Foundation, which gave away around $319,000 in a recent year. The couple live in Laguna Beach, but their philanthropy extends broadly. Support has gone to education and religious causes, as well as global humanitarian work. The foundation appears to accept unsolicited proposals, though does not provide detailed guidelines.

BACKGROUND: James R. Bergman has a B.S. in engineering and an MBA from UCLA. He is a founder and general partner of DSV Partners III and IV and their predecessors, which provided capital and management assistance to emerging companies, primarily in high technology electronics, communications, biotechnology, and healthcare. Bergman also serves as a special limited partner for Cardinal Partners, a fund which focuses on early-stage investments in the healthcare sector, and is a partner of Brantley Partners, a private equity organization which concentrates on acquisition strategy investments.


EDUCATION & YOUTH: The Bergmans steadily support Bergman's alma mater UCLA, home to the Jim and Judy Bergman Fellowship. The couple established two fellowships in social work to promote new ideas to help women and children in cities and the developing world. Other grantees include Concord Education Fund, Concordia University, and Delores Mission School.

The Bergmans are interested in Christian education: they've supported Edify, whose mission is "to improve and to expand sustainable Christ-centered education globally," and Fuller Theological Seminary, where they've supported several scholarships targeted to assist inner city and low-income students.

RELIGIOUS: Grantees have included Christian Center of Park City (Bergman sits on the board) and The Presbyterian Church. 

GLOBAL & HUMANITARIAN: Support includes organizations with a religious mission. The Bergmans are on the board of Opportunity International, which works to end global poverty by creating and sustaining jobs; the Bergmans support the organization. Other grantees include International Justice Mission, Women of Vision, and Kingdom Investors, whose mission is to "provide a safe and accountable opportunity for businesses and individuals to invest a portion of their God-given resources into humanitarian projects in the U.S. and around the world."

LOOKING FORWARD: It's unclear how much money is waiting in the wings here, but expect the Bergmans to continue to support these interests.


The Bergman Family Foundation accepts applications at the address below:

James R. Bergman, Bergman Family Foundation
1217 Emerald Bay
Laguna Beach, CA 92651